the crystal


“Alex, can you hear me?”



“Alex, can you see this light I’m shining down at you?”


“Alex, can you hear me now?”

“Alex, if you can hear me, think about what it feels like to wake up after a long sleep.”

His head feels soft and rested, like a weightless cloud. His heavy eyes slowly peel open. As usual, there is nothing but white light all around him. He squints at the white-coated figure standing over him.

“Alex, can you see me now?”

“Mom?” Alex murmurs. “Auntie Cass?” Gentle waves of soft static roll through all h̶iš̶̢̱͔͇͉̉̀̆͗͑̐ nerves. He wiggles h̷e̵r̵ toes. His fingers come back online. His bedsheets are white and silky, his skin smooth as air as he rubs a cheek against his white satin pillow. He squints up at the white-coated figure again. “Mom?”

“Take it slow, dear,” Medea whispers. “You were in hypersleep for a long time.”


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