> The world has been at peace for many years.

> An alien machine from the future is re-assembling herself in slow motion, and all we can do is watch.

> Under the banner of Global Command, a network of AI-integrated psychic supersoldiers have been stationed in virtual reality chambers across the globe to stop the machine from plunging the world back into chaos.

> None of them understand what is happening or why.

> They fight for the sake of fighting.

> They resist an incomprehensible threat.

> They suppress their desires for new bodies—and for each other's bodies—as they pursue their unknowable enemy to the end of space and time.

> Will they destroy her when they get there?

> Will they destroy themselves?

> Or will they discover new, more loving futures?

> That choice is up to you.



This training program contains:

> flashing and pulsing lights

> trauma triggers