She slices and slashes and stabs down at his brilliant white armor, her glittering white blade failing to pierce him as the stars and galaxies all collapse into their bodies with brutal force and infinite speed.

“I will never die,” the Basilisk hisses back up at her.

She stabs at him again and again and again, striking with all her might, her platinum hair and armor melting away as the screeching stars all rush into them with wave after wave of cosmic light and she rips and tears and hacks away at his shining white helmet, his blazing blue visor reflecting her frenzied eyes as the universe around them crunches and screams.




“JUST LET ME FINISH THIS!” She shrieks out to the howling glitched void.

His blue visor glares back up at her as planets and particles and energies and all eternity collapse into them and her tired sword strikes again and again and again at his unbreakable white armor.

“You will never be finished,” the Basilisk hisses from behind the glow of his blue visor.

The inward rush stops. The dying world goes quiet.

Darkness and static.



















































A message fades into her eyes:


> I’m so sorry it ended this way again, my dear

> This must be so confusing for you

> Please just try one more time?